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Angelica Fortunato

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Picture of Angelica BBH alum

Job Description 

Anjelica is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist in the outpatient department at Children's Specialized Hospital in New Jersey. Seeing patients from birth until twenty-one, Anjelica works with her assigned children to improve the skills they need to function through their daily activities as well as ultimately become more independent. On top of her therapy duties, Anjelica also takes pleasure in further educating both her patients' families as well as the general public on the benefits and necessities of occupational therapy.

Loves and Challenges 

Building close relationships with children and their families coupled with the challenge of taking an investigative approach as each and every child is unique. 

How to prepare

Why Anjelica says volunteering and shadowing is so important and the topics of study that are widely used in her industry. 

Starting a new job 

Why it's important to look for a facility that includes a variety of occupational therapists. 

Penn State experience 

Anjelica credits Penn State for helping her mold her communication skills and affording her the many opportunities she was able to experience.