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Diverse fields of study that share one
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The Emerging Professional–Graduate Degree Award and the Emerging Professional–Undergraduate Degree Award recognize graduates of the past ten years who have demonstrated professional excellence and/or exemplary voluntary community involvement in the health and human development professions.

Nominate alumni leaders in health and human development fields, including emerging professionals, for their outstanding achievements.

Nominations are now open until June 1st

Eligibility & Criteria

The recipient must have received an undergraduate/graduate degree in the last ten years, achieved outstanding professional excellence (e.g. research, education, leadership, and practice) in a College of Health and Human Development area of expertise, and demonstrated exemplary community service.  The recipient's has improved the lives of individuals and families through professional accomplishments or other activities.   They must have provided service above and beyond their call of duty in an area of work which has positively impacted the lives of others.  Nominees must have graduated in an HHD major at University Park or a College of Health and Human Development World Campus program.   NOTE: Past recipients of this award and members of the College of Health and Human Development Alumni Society Board are not eligible.

Nominating Procedure

The Assistant Director of Alumni Relations will receive the nominations and forward them to the Awards Committee of the HHD Alumni Society. Nominations may be made by students, faculty, staff, and alumni. 

1. Nominee address, phone number, email, major, and graduation year

2.  Rationale for the nomination in 250 words or less

3. Name, email address, and phone number of a reference that could discuss the nominee's qualifications for this award if contacted. 

4. Link to nominee's LinkedIn profile, if they have one. 

5. Awards/honors related to the nominee's professional accomplishments

6. Optional: Information supporting the nominee's outstanding qualities (news articles, research articles, CV/resume etc.) This is not intended to be a letter of support. 

Past Recipients

Emerging Professional - Undergraduate Degree Award icon-olus-circle


Award Recipient

2023 Jacob Feldman, '13 Communication Sciences and Disorders
2022 Rebecca Skotek NUTR '16
2021 Katie Pawelczyk NUTR '13
2020 Austen Musso '10 NUTR
2019 Ariel Clatty '13 HPA
2018 Sara Quinteros-Fernandez '09 HRIM

Catherine Kuhns '11 HDFS

Joseph Kindler '12 NUTR

2016 Ryan Burke `13 NUTR
2015 Jessica Testa `10 HRIM / NUTR
2014 Neil Goldman `05 HRIM
2013 Matthew Arch `06 HDFS
2012 Jill Jayne '04 NUTR
2011 James Juran '03 R P M
2010 Jared Melzer ’04 KINES
2009 William Yahr '01 HRIM
2008 LaToya Smith '02 KINES
2007 Joseph D. Hughes '99 RPM
2006 Erin Foley '96 HPA
2005 Kristen Fedesco '00 RPM
2004 Brian Esposito '97 RPM (PGM)
2003 - none-
2002 Heidi Schauster Davidson '93 NUTR
2001 Amy Rossi Mobley '96 NUTR
2000 Tara Stevenson '92 NURS
1999 Charles Dreibelbis '94 NUTR
1998 Krista Maddigan '92 HPA
Emerging Professional Award (prior to split into two awards) icon-olus-circle


Award Recipient

1997 James Grana '95g HPA
1996 Scott M. Smith '85 SCI, '90g NUTR
1995 Brian Tobin '80, '89g NUTR
Kristine L. Webber '92 HPA
1994 Rachel Johnson '74, '91g NUTR
1993 Leonard Jack, Jr. '87g, '90g HL ED
1992 John Schulenberg '84g, '86g HDFS
1991 Christine Lewis Taylor '77g, '86g NUTR
1990 Frederick W. Schulze '85g HL ED
1989 Brian R. Hurley '84 HPA
1988 Philip E. Martin '83g PH ED
1987 Robert J. Deppen '81 H P E
Brian F. Hofland '79g, '81g HDFS
Cheryl Bruno Gamber '83 NUTR
1986 Mark Ginsberg '81 HDFS
1985 Sachiki St. Jeor '80 NUTR
1984 Daniel D. Blough '78 HPA
Emerging Professional - Graduate Degree Award icon-olus-circle


Award Recipient

2023 Yao Zheng, '10 Human Development and Family Studies
2022 Mike Flock '14 NUTR
2021 Laurel English '16 NUTR
2020 Donaldson F. Conserve, Ph.D. '13g BBH
Samuel Scott, Ph.D '15g NUTR
2019 Daniel "Max" Crowley, Ph. D. '12g HDFS
2016 Larissa Duncan `05g, `07g HDFS
2015 Captain David M. Lutz `09 KINES, `11g HPA
2014 Sheila Fleischhacker `04g IBIS/NUTR
2013 Megan Patrick `05g, `08g HDFS
2012 Matthew Hayes '06g NUTR
2011 Tamara Burket '97, '04g NURS
2010 Gerard Kyle ’98g, ’01g LE ST
2009 John Williams '75 FS HA, '95g HRIM, '98g M E R
2008 Kristie J. Lancaster '95g, '00g NUTRN
2007 Christopher T. Minson '97g EXSCI
2006 Kelly Bricker '98g LE ST
2005 Janet Tompkins McMahon '97g NURS
2004 Denise Orwig '98g BBH
2003 - none-
2002 - none-
2001 - none-
2000 Vikkie Mustad '95g NUTR
1999 Lisa Davis '94g HPA
1998 Paula Krzemien '85 NUTR, '97g HL ED