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The Nutritional Sciencesundergraduate program can help you gain a solid background in the science of nutrition with the goal of translating that information to consumers, other health care practitioners or industry to improve health and promote wellness.

Food Industry/Services icon-olus-circle

If you are interested in exploring careers in the food industry/services, a degree in Nutritional Sciences may be right for you. Graduates of the program find themselves in a number of positions within these areas, including product development, marketing, labeling and regulations, consumer affairs, public relations, or consulting with chefs in restaurants and culinary schools.

Medicine/Allied Health icon-olus-circle

You will have the opportunity to gain a firm foundation in nutrition, human health, chemistry and biology, which is an excellent fit if you are interested in medical school or pursuing a career as a physical or occupational therapist, a physician’s assistant working in hospitals or other health-care facilities.

Public Health/Health Education icon-olus-circle

Help the public maintain a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, You may work in a public school helping develop and implement a nutrition program, impact public health policy decisions, promote health and wellness at the corporate level, or educate the community about the connection between food, fitness, and health.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist icon-olus-circle

As a registered dietitian nutritionist, you may work in healthcare, business and industry, community/public health, education, research, government agencies, and private practice. You may counsel patients about their specific nutritional needs, recommend or prescribe medical nutrition therapy, and coordinate with other health professionals to improve the health of patients. You may also manage the food service operations of facilities like schools, day-care centers, or correctional facilities, overseeing everything from food purchasing and preparation to managing staff.

Research icon-olus-circle

Graduates of the Nutritional Sciences program also work in research, helping organizations, universities, and industry answer critical nutrition questions. You might develop and promote nutritional foods, enhance the understanding of the biochemical basis of disease or improve the way nutrition messages are presented to the public. You may also work in public health settings, teaching, monitoring and advising the public and helping improve quality of life through healthy eating habits.