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Notification of Resignation icon-olus-circle
  • Verbally discuss resignation or retirement plans with your department head. Faculty on a 36-week appointment should review the Academic Year Start/End and Key 36-Week Contract Dates guideline. Faculty on a 36-week appointment must separate from the University on June 30 or December 31 in order to ensure a balance between pay and effort.


Review Policies icon-olus-circle
Contact ISS Help Desk icon-olus-circle
  • Contact the ISS Help Desk at to coordinate the return of any HHD/PSU owned IT equipment. ISS will also assist with wiping hard drives or the transfer of files as appropriate. If you wish to purchase IT equipment that is no longer under warranty, also contact the Help Desk to begin this process. This process requires that the equipment be wiped to factory defaults before being purchased. Installed software is the property of PSU and is non-transferrable, therefore it won’t be included in the purchase. Equipment not authorized for purchase must be returned on or prior to your departure date. 
Notify Direct Reports icon-olus-circle
  • Please notify any part-time employee(s) who will terminate, or be transferred to another supervisor, at the time of your departure of your plans and the impact to their employment. Please notify your unit administrative support coordinator of the associated employment actions so they can request the appropriate transfer or separation action in Workday. 
  • Full-time employees who currently report to you will no longer be able to report to you as a separated employee. Please consult with Erica Lutz, HR Consultant, on any full-time employees who report to you who’s employment will be affected by your departure. Erica will assist with appropriate communications, timing of notice, and available resources for the displaced or transferring employee.
  • Discuss with your department head plans for supervision of your current postdoctoral employees or graduate assistants.
Exit Interview icon-olus-circle
  • We encourage you to participate in an Exit Interview. Please be on the lookout for an email from Erica Lutz, HR Consultant with more information on this and to schedule.
Move Out Information icon-olus-circle
  • Review the contact free move out information. HHD facilities is available to help coordinate your move out and you can feel free to work out the dates of your move with your department. Please contact Kevin Kelliher, HHD Operations Manager, for assistance with access to buildings as well as scheduling assistance with the move of your items if that is needed.
Important Items to Note: icon-olus-circle
  • If your new employer requires a verification of benefit coverage termination from the Penn State Benefits team, this can be requested once your separation has been processed Workday. Please reach out to HR Services at (814) 865-1473 to request the needed verification document.
  • If you have a change of address after your separation, please contact HR Services (814-865-1473) to update your address on file. Correct home addresses will be necessary in order to obtain your year-end tax documents.
Policies and Guidelines to Review as Applicable: icon-olus-circle
  • AC25 Emeritus Status: This policy provides the criteria for eligibility and privileges of Emeritus Status. The department head should send requests for emeritus to the Dean for approval. If approved, HR will inform the unit Administrative Support Coordinator so the Emeritus status can be initiated during the separation process. A  letter and a certificate will be sent to you by the President confirming your Emeritus status once your separation is fully processed.
  • Academic Affiliate Appointment Process: Affiliate appointments apply to those who will continue to be engaged within the department in a manner which contributes to the mission of teaching, research, and/or service.  To obtain approval for an academic affiliate appointment the HHD Department Head must submit an email, including all the required eligibility information, requesting the appointment to the college HR Strategic Partner (HRSP) at
  • HR45 Post-Retirement Appointment Policy: This policy establishes University procedures to be followed in the event a post-retirement appointment of an annuitant is necessary. Such appointments are only considered in emergency situations.
  • RAG03 Retired Faculty Participation Guideline: This guideline provide the procedure for retired faculty who will continue to contribute as investigators on sponsored projects.