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Ellen Konkle

Passion for alumni inspired Ellen Konkle ’98 to stay in Happy Valley


There is nothing like Homecoming at Penn State! The rich history and tradition of current students and alumni, coming together for a weekend, is incomparable at such a special place as State College. A Homecoming parade was one of those memorable moments for Ellen Konkle ’98. So much so, that this alumna was inspired to work with Penn State alumni for her career.

Ellen is the associate director of alumni relations for the College of the Liberal Arts at University Park. Her years at Penn State were instrumental in finding her mission and passion in life, and that Penn State pride is part of what drives her in her work on campus every day. Ellen oversees and provides guidance for the Alumni Society Board. She collaborates with other college departments and administrators to recognize and award our talented and accomplished alumni. She strives to provide meaningful opportunities for alumni, so that they can volunteer and give back based on their interests. Ellen’s goals are to engage alumni in a variety of college and University-wide programs. Penn State’s alumni are such an integral part of this University, and it takes talented people like Ellen to tap into those talents, create dynamic programming, and continue to connect and work with other college professionals to make memorable moments for alumni and friends.

Ellen still loves Penn State Homecoming events and traditions. Her advice for current students is to enjoy and embrace every minute of their years at Penn State. There is never another opportunity quite like it in life! She encourages students to find their own path and build their own career based on what they are passionate about—what makes them smile. Ellen credits her HDFS studies with allowing her to develop skills that center around engaging and connecting with people, which is so critical in nearly any career. In her spare time, Ellen enjoys staying fit, cooking, and traveling.

This profile was published in July 2022.