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Athletic trainers are integral members of the health care team who have an important role in the prevention, management, and rehabilitation of injuries to physically active individuals.

You will assist with an individual’s immediate emergency medical care as well as follow-up care. With your knowledge of anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, and other core sciences, you may design injury-prevention programs, treatments, or performance-enhancing programs.

To ensure an individual resumes physical activity at an appropriate time, you will communicate with injured individuals, physicians, coaching staffs, and other key parties in a comprehensive sports health care program.

Most athletic trainers work with athletes to get them back in the game, but many athletic trainers also work with military personnel, police and firefighters, as well as dancers and acrobats. You may work on the sidelines of a stadium, backstage in a performance hall, or as a part of the medical team for men and women in uniform.

Career Possibilities

  • Professional and collegiate sports
  • Secondary and intermediate schools
  • Sports medicine clinics
  • Hospital emergency rooms and rehab clinics
  • Occupational settings
  • Performing arts
  • Law enforcement and military
  • Physician offices