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Kristen Dunkle

Speech Language Pathologist 

Image of Kristen

Job Description 

Kristen is a Speech Language Pathologist. She works with preschool students (ages 3-5) at the Central Intermediate Unit in State College, PA. She works with students who are referred to her office by peers, teachers, or parents who are concerned about their child's communication. Kristen sees the children on a weekly basis throughout the school year, going over speech language exercises for the child to take home and practice with their family. Find out why this could be a rewarding career for people interested in both speech pathology and childhood education!

Loves and Challenges

Kristen enjoys watching the full process and knowing she is preparing children for a successful academic career.  In turn, finding ways to motivate the students can be challenging due to their young age range. 

How to prepare

Kristen shares her tips such as getting involved with research labs as well as a speech clinic. Involvement with local communities or volunteering with younger kids will help you identify what audience you would like to work with.

Starting a new job

Kristen shares her top tips when starting a new position. 

Penn State Experience

Kristen is grateful for her experience working in the on site clinic that allowed her to work with children and adults. Research was available to advance her skills as an undergraduate student, preparing her well for graduate school.