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What is Health and Human Development?

Diverse fields of study that share one
common goal: enriching the lives of others.

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Study Abroad Programs

Health and Human Development Study Abroad Programs

Below is a list of study abroad programs led by Health and Human Development faculty. For a full list of Penn State-approved study abroad programs, including semester- or year-long programs, please visit Penn State's Office of Global Programs program search page.

Penn State Study Abroad Programs with a focus in Health and Human Development

Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia icon-olus-circle

Bond University, located on the eastern coast of Australia about an hour's drive north of Brisbane, offers a number of courses that will receive course equivalencies in Hospitality Management (see Program Course Historical List or speak with your HM academic adviser).

CELA: Belize icon-olus-circle

CELA: Belize offers "One Health: Public Health in the Tropics" during the summer. Coursework may be of interest to students interested in medical school, public health, or other health professions graduate programs.

CELA also offers health internships of 3 to 16 weeks in duration in hospitals, health clinics, or community education programs.

Center for European Studies: Maastricht icon-olus-circle

The Center for European Studies at Maastricht University in the Netherlands offers programs in Health, Medicine, and Life Sciences during fall and spring semesters. Courses are available in the areas of public health, healthcare administration, epidemiology, medicine, and more.

Connect 123 icon-olus-circle

Connect 123 offers a child life practicum in Cape Town, South Africa. This is a 4-week summer program that is designed to meet the Association of Child Life Professionals’ standards.

CzechMates (Brno, Czech Republic) icon-olus-circle

CzechMates offers both semester and summer programs located at Masaryk University. Students take an intercultural communication course and may have the opportunity to take a Kinesiology course depending upon availability. Kinesiology-related internships are also available.

DIS Copenhagen icon-olus-circle

DIS Copenhagen offers several health and human development-related programs. A summer program and research opportunities are also available.

Copenhagen offers the following relevant programs: Child Development, Global Health, Neuroscience, Pre-Medicine/Health Science, and Public Health

DIS Stockholm icon-olus-circle

DIS Stockholm offers several health and human development-related programs. A summer program and research opportunities are also available. 

Stockholm offers the following relevant programs: Global Health, Human Development, Neuroscience, Pre-Medicine/Health Science, and Public Health

Florence University of the Arts icon-olus-circle

Florence University of the Arts' Apicius Hospitality Program offers Hospitality Management students the opportunity to take five 3-credit courses. Both culinary courses and courses that will receive an HM equivalency are offered. Spring semester study is recommended. 

IES Cape Town: Health, Culture, and Development icon-olus-circle

IES Cape Town includes several Health Science courses, taught by local lecturers, that discuss how globalization, development, and disease affect different communities. The program offers fall and spring semester-long study.

IES London: Health Practice and Policy icon-olus-circle

IES London: Health Practice and Policy offers semester-long programs that enable students to take courses at either City, University of London or Queen Mary, University of London. The program concludes with a 10-day trip to Kingston, Jamaica, to help students understand health care challenges and local public-private partnerships there.

IES Santiago, Chile, Health Studies icon-olus-circle

IES Santiago, Chile, Health Studies offers advanced Spanish students interested in pre-med, pre-health, and other health careers the opportunity to gain health care-related experiences while improving their Spanish language skills. Fall and spring semester study is available.

University of Virginia in Valencia icon-olus-circle

The University of Virginia's Global Health program in Valencia, Spain, is a summer program during which students take a Spanish language course and a Comparative Health Care Systems course. Students interested in careers in medicine, other health professions, or health administration may be interested in this program.