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What is Health and Human Development?

Diverse fields of study that share one
common goal: enriching the lives of others.

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Advocacy and Non-profit

Use your skills and knowledge to solve social problems and work on behalf of others.

Business and Industry

Pursue careers in human resources, public relations, training, finance, sales, operations, and more.

Facility Management

Oversee any number of facilities, such as resorts, hospitals, restaurants, country clubs, arenas, convention centers, and many more.

Fitness and Wellness

Prepare for a profession involving physical activity, exercise, and the science of human movement and its relationship to human health.

Food Industry and Foodservice

Use your knowledge of nutritional practices and their impact on physical well-being in careers ranging from manufacturers to restaurants.

Government and Policymaking

Guide the future of society by using your skills and experiences in public service and related areas, such as lobbying and advising.

Health and Medicine

Start a clinical career, such as a doctor or nurse, or one of the many associated careers in allied, public, or corporate health or health education.

Recreation and Event Management

Find out how recreation and leisure can be a career, whether in a country club, a resort, a campground, or in a live-music venue.


Discover the important information necessary for an organization to advance, which can include a number of industries, such as foodservice, health care, and the environment.

Social Work, Counseling, and Psychology

Be a support to others by using your skills and knowledge in various settings, like schools, medical facilities, corporations, and more.

Teaching and Education

Learn how you can turn your passion for education into a career in traditional education settings as well as health education and environmental education.

Travel and Tourism

Make your career about experiences for others who want to see the world and other cultures.